Smiling all the way....

The decision to start creating tee's didn't happen overnight. It snowballed from a choice to do something we enjoyed. One of my best friends and I are always sharing and laughing about funny things our pets did, or things that happen with family, and then say..."We need to have that on a t-shirt!"  

Our goal is to create as many entertaining, thoughtful and inspiring images as possible. Many of these sayings and popular catch phrases will be from social media that are just too funny and relatable to pass up (we are funny...but not always that funny) and many will come from things that we love and enjoy ourselves.

I'm Sayin' It is about living life loud and proud. We want you to share with others what makes you laugh, the love that is your family, friends, pets or home. Maybe it will be things that are important to you like the environment, sports, your work, or your hobbies that you will want to share on your chest? Whatever it will be sayin' it and our hopes are that you will make new acquaintances and have more conversations and laughter in your world because of it.