Giving Back

As with most of you we have causes that are important to us on a “spiritual” level if you will. One of my best friends of 43 years went through a tragedy that no parent should ever have to. This is a crime that is rampant and the realities are harsh. It takes place around the world and is big business...human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Small town Nova Scotia, a place one would never think this type of activity is taking place, and yet it is thriving. Maddison Fraser was a two-time Canadian national boxing champion who died in a car crash with a drunk driver in Edmonton in 2015. She was 21. And he was her john.

I used to rock and sing to Maddison when she was a baby. She was a vibrant and gorgeous girl with a hard head and tenacious spirit. There were no indicators of the turn in Maddison's life and yes, she kept secrets, protecting those she loved the most . You can find her story in numerous articles because her Mom is keeping her spirit alive and sharing the horrors of what happened to her and what happens to other girls and young women that are exploited and then trafficked.

We have created a design which is called "No One is for Sale" and all proceeds from will be donated to a soon to be determined charity. 

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