We wanted you to know...

When you decide to become an entrepreneur you make the choice to wear many different hats and usually all at the same time. It can be overwhelming to say the least, but the fire that burns in your veins and gets your heart pumping and your brain surging with creativity is all worth it! It is an adrenaline rush that you get to have every day....but it's healthy and provides happiness and gratitude.

We did a great deal of research when trying to decide which platform to go with for I'm Sayin' It and Spreadshirt offered exactly what we needed. Quality products, the best in printing technology, along with amazing exposure around the world. We provide the creativity along with your voice and they take care of everything else, their customer service is top notch. Visit more designs and apparel/merchandise choices at our site at www.spreadshirt.......

Staying in Touch

Life is busy and when you add a new business...it gets even crazier...and we LOVE it! We want to hear from YOU....we want to get to know you and your ideas. Having said that...and here's the BUT...we also enjoy LIFE,  so we won't be 24/7/365 responders. 

We have family, friends, community commitments, and adventures we like to go on...because we are like you...so it might be a couple of hours before you hear back from us or maybe even a day....but hear back from us, you WILL. 

That's a promise and our guarantee!